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All roads lead to Granville Island from Traveller Vancouver Bed and Breakfast

Walking is undoubtedly the best way to explore a city and Vancouver Traveller Bed and Breakfast is located in an ideal spot for that.  Granville Island is one of the top attractions for tourists and locals alike.  There are three scenic routes to take from Traveller Vancouver bed and breakfast to Granville Island.  Each route is unique in its own ways and offers delightful sights along the way.

Option 1 - from the bed and breakfast, turn right (west) to go to Yew/Vine or Balsam street.  Turn right (north) and go straight down to the Kitsilano beach, once you are at the beach, turn right (east) and follow the shore to Granville Island.

You will see a typical Vancouver westside neighbourhood along the streets until you reach the beach.  If you take Balsam, then you pass the Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver’s only saltwater swimming pool.  If you take Yew, then you miss the Pool.  Regardless, once you are at the Kitsilano beach, you head east (right) to follow the world-renowned Seawall to get to the Granville Island.  On a rainy day, you can have the most exciting time in the Maritime Museum, Vancouver Museum and the Space Center in the Vanier Park.  In Vanier Park, I had the pleasure of watching people flying huge, impressive kits.  It was a magical moment to see the kits flying exuberantly in the sky while observing the kite flyers intensely focused on controlling the gigantic kits.  All along the Kitsilano Beach, you can sit on one of the many benches to take in the sights, relax and feel the stress ebbing away.

Option 2 - from the bed and breakfast, turn left and across the Arbutus Street to go on the Arbutus Greenway.  Take the Greenway to the end of the north end at 6th Avenue and Fir.  From there, look for the Granville Bridge and head toward it.  You will see Granville Island entrance underneath the bridge.

Arbutus Greenway is approximately 9 kilometer and you are walking on the north end of the Arbutus Greenway from W. 21st Avenue and Arbutus to W. 6th Avenue and Arbutus.  The Greenway continues along W. 6th Avenue to Fir.  At the corner of 6th Avenue and Maple Street, you can check out the demonstration farm run by City Farmer.  There are also lush community gardens along the 6th Avenue to beck you to slow down to smell the rose and perhaps, vegetables.  

Option 3 - from the bed and breakfast, go across Arbutus Street and go through the very posh (aka…very, very expensive) Shaughnessy neighbourhood and you should eventually come out on Granville Street.  Once on Granville Street, turn left (north) and walk to W. 5th Avenue.  You can check out the unique shops in the South Granville retail district, on Granville Street, between W. 16th Avenue and the bridge.  Once you see the Granville bridge, on 5th Avenue, through the Granville Loop Park at the south end of the Granville bridge and once again, underneath the bridge, you’ll see entrance to Granville Island.

In Shaughnessy, there are mansions and well-manicured gardens.  You will hardly see anyone in that neighbourhood.  I have not seen more than five people any time I walked there.  It is considered one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Canada.  The price tags may be shocking (the majority is  $10 million and up…) but it is an tranquil area to walk through.  Every house is unique and full of charms.  If you like architecture and history, then you will love exploring this grand dame neighbourhood.  Check out Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s interactive map for all the heritage houses there.

The South Granville retail area is not only known for shopping but my personal favorites are the art galleries closer to the bridge and of course, the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, commonly known as the Stanley Theater.  

Posted 51 weeks ago