To Downtown Vancouver from Vancouver Traveller B&B

By foot - numerous options - we'll be happy to give you a few routes.  It takes approximately 45 - 60 minutes of leisure stroll that take you through beautiful neighbourhoods and beaches.

By Public Transit - there are two options to and from downtown Vancouver.  The info is from downtown to B&B.  

Option 1:  Bus #16.  Most of time, bus #16 runs on Granville Street.  In the summer, the buses run on parallel streets to Granville so look for bus #16 Arbutus on Howe Street.   It takes the bus 10-15 minutes to cross downtown and another 10 minutes after it leaves downtown to get to the B&B.    There is a bus stop on W. 21st Avenue.  You'll walk into the street.  We'll be on the north (right) side of the street and in the middle of the block.

Option 2: get on a Canada Line station in downtown and then Bus #25 from King Edward Avenue.  It's a 5-10 minutes skytrain ride pending on where you get on.  When you get to the surface of the King Edward Avenue, don't cross any intersection.  Instead, turn right and walk toward a construction site.  Bus #25 (UBC) will get to Arbutus in slightly less than 10 minutes.  Then you'd be walking along Arbutus Street for two blocks to reach W. 21st Avenue.  Turn left into the street and we'll be on the right (north) side of the street.

If you have data on your phone, you can use the Translink app or another Next Bus app on your phone to find the the next bus schedule to choose between the two options accordingly.  Jenny works in the far side (waterfront) of downtown and it takes her less than half an hour in rush hour door to door.  Option 2 is a little faster and it involves a transfer between the bus and Canada Line whereas Option 1 is just one bus so option 1 is the easiest.   The difference is about 10 minutes between the two options.

By Taxi - it's $10-$20.

By car - Not recommended during weekdays due to traffic and parking.  When the traffic is okay, it takes less than 5 minutes to reach downtown but once there, be prepared for slow traffic and challenging parking issues.  It's usually okay to drive there weekday nights or weekends.